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The Best Seo Tips For Blog

best seo tips for blog The Best Seo Tips For BlogSEO or Search engine optimization

Today I will share some interesting and useful information with you all, that I have already applied to my blog and I have get the maximum. As you see that my blog is all about earning but today I will share some about SEO which is the most important factor for the blog or website owner.
Lets come to the main topic,

What is SEO (Search engine optimization) ?

As we know that Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engine. In general sense the earlier and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.
It target different type of search, including local search, image search, video search, education or academic search. This all will bring your site on the search engine, and hence your site will be shown on the search engine. Only the presence of the site or blog in the search engine is not enough, it is important to get the higher rank position in the search engine optimization.
If you want to get more traffic for you site or blog then you have to get the higher rank position in the world of search engine, you have to get best ranking position in the major search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc.

Before reading the tips you should keep in mind that major search engine like Google, Yahoo andBing don’t only index meta tag or meta description but you have to use best key words for search engine in every page of your site or blog.

Read the given tips and applied these all tips, after that see your ranking in the search engine and post you comments here. After applying these all tips you should wait for many days because search engine will index your site very slowly and it can take a lot of days.

Before creating a site or blog you should keep three question in your mind to get higher rank in search engine optimization.
  • How people (users) will search for your products, services or academic material?
  • Which site is best for these products and why? Compare your blog with other?
  • Which is the best key words? or which world can you win for search engine optimization?
The following is the tips to improve your site and blog rank in the world of Search engine optimization.

1. Find out which keyword is best for your site or blog

This is the most important tips in search engine optimization. You have to find out best keywords for you blog and site, and determined that how your products will locate in the search engine. After selecting or finding best keyword Then run them through a tool such asWordTracker, the Google keyword tool or Yahoo Overture Keyword Selector Tool to see what the volume of search activity is and find alternative phrasing to add to your list.
Next, take each page that’s important to you — not the Contact Us page or Site Map — and make sure that keyword or phrase is used prominently. Use it early on in the text and at the end of the page. Put it into a heading with an H1 tag or a subhead with an H2 tag. But, I advises, “Don’t overuse it. Don’t change the way the content is reading, so it sounds ‘horsy.’ It’s better to have good content than have keyword phrases sprinkled in. Focussed your full energy on the main topic, don’t deviate from the main topic or tile, write something useful about your title or main topic of the sites and pages or posts. There is many software which determind keyword density and find best keywords for your site or blog but I will recommend google adwords, in my mind it is one of the best free service to select suitable keywords for your site and blog.
You should select best keyword for every page of your site or blog.

2. Links your site or Blog

It is also important that if you site or blog has more link then your search engine optimization rank will improve very quickly. Because major search engine like google is also looking that with how many sites, blog, or social media your site is linked?
Don’t copy and paster you content from other sites and blog, because MSN, Yahoo and Google search engine are too advance and can detect copied or duplicate content and as a rest you will loose search engine ranking.

3. Participate in other blog

If you want to get more traffic or you want to improve your search engine ranking they this is also important that you should participate in the activity of others blog, sites and forum and paste their useful articles or comments with you back-links of your own site or blog. So in this way you can easily improve your site or blog search engine optimization ranking.

4. User attraction

Post something useful and more interesting that your users will stayed long time in your site.
Your main focussed should be to get higher rank in the world of search engine optimization and get higher traffic for your site or blog. Update you sites and blog daily if you can’t then it’s important to update weekly to maintain your site rank in search engine, so in this way you will also get audience attraction. Your content should be unique and interesting, this is not important that how people is comming toward your site, but the main thing factor is that for how long time people is stayed there in your site or blog.

5. Original and free content

If you want to get best result from audience then you should use original and free content, if you will share your free idea, free content and mentioned free resources then you will get best result, because today every one is searching for free content through out search engine. Keep your content fresh and update posts or articles so that users that already have visited your site or blog will remain watching regularly. Add images and video to your landing pages of the sites or blog. Because search engine like google is not only indexing text, it’s also index videos and images.

6. Advertise your sites or blog

If you have money and you can’t wait more for getting best ranking in the world of search engine, then the everbest method I will recommend you that advertise your site or blog with major advertiser agency like Google adwordsYahoo Ads and Microsoft Ads. Make a best compaign and advertiser your site, get full control and manage best budget for your search engine optimization.

7. Submit your blog or site to the major search engine

It is necessory that you should submit your update content to search engine for indexing. If you want get the maximum result then you have to improve your rank in the major search engine. Be patient because the search engine take many days to index your site or blog well. I will advise one thing that don’t submit your site or blog again and again, submit only one time and don’t use software for site submition because search engine is using very advanced technology and don’t waste your time in this thing, it will detect your site as a scam.

8. Submit your site to social bookmarking site

This is also an important term, if you want to increase your site and blog traffic size and want to increase your ranking position in the best search engine like google, yahoo and Msn then you should share your content on twitter, digg, yahoo and facebook. so in this way you can get best result.

9. Site analysis

This is very important to see your audience report daily. As I have already mentioned that this is not important that how much traffic your site attract daily, but the factor is how much your audience is interested in your content and how much time they spend in the different posts, which posts they like more, and how many changes you need to apply?????? 
because as a site or blog owner you have to attract maximum users and your content should be arrange as better then your audience remain there for long time.
For best analysis I will suggest you google analytics that I already use this and see the report daily.

10. Submit your site to web directory

Submit your site to web directory (business directory, academic directory and General directory) this will improve your page rank in the search engine result. This listening will improve your site and blog rank and also you will get more traffic. Submit every single page of your site and blog to the maximum directories.


Avoid the following points if you want to get maximum through search engine optimization.
  • Don’t copy and paste content, articles, posts, or other text media from other blog or sites, because search engine is using very advanced technology and you blog or site will be detected as a spam or unoriginal, this is also the violation of copyrights of internet world.
  • don’t submit site or blog multiple time, I will recommend that submit your site only one time, and submit your blog or site at the time when it’s is fully published or prepared.
  • Be in touch with your audience and don’t leave any space for a little mistake, quick response to your audience.
  • If search engine detect your site or blog as an unoriginal content then your site or blog will be moved to the end of search engine result. Be careful when taking any single step.
  • Comments is the power for your blog, participate in other blog activity, forums and sites and also leave there a link to your blog or site.
  • Don’t post directly, after writing an article, first read it, if it need any changes or modification then review it and after that post it, so it’s mean write unique articles, and see the search engine for what the people is looking for? then include the best information and ideas. So in this way your audience will remain in touch with you and they will remain inside your blog or site for long time.
  • Submit your site map to googleYahoo and Bing for idexing.
  • And the last very important tips is that, be very careful about spending money, Some people is claiming that they will increase your site or blog rank position in search engine result in the next 24 or 48 hours, this is waste of money, no result, totally lie, If you have money then make a compaign through Google adwordsYahoo Ads and Microsoft Ads. This will increase your traffic and also increase your ranking position in search engine result.
  • After applying the above all tips wait for one month, because search engine will index your site slowly, after one months come to my blog and leave your comments here, and share your thoughts and experience that what you got and what you need further?

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