Monday, 23 April 2012

Remove PIN Code Hold From Your Google AdSense Account in 2 Minutes

Google AdSense is one of the best and most popular platform to make money from your blogs and websites. One of the Best thing about Google AdSense is, its free to join and they pay you with nicely. However, when you join them, they send a PIN (personal identification number) when you earn your first $10. The code reaches your home in about 4 weeks however you do not get the PIN Code, you apply for second time. But, if you do not receive the code even after applying for second time. Then you can ask Google AdSense team to remove PIN hold from your account without entering PIN code.

Remove PIN Hold From Your AdSense account

I am supposing you have applied for Google AdSense PIN code 2 times and still did not receive any. Here are the steps to remove PIN hold from your account within 2 minutes.

  • Login in Your Google AdSense Account and Go to My Account
  • Click on "PIN Information Page"

  • Now, you will reach to a new page where you can Apply for a PIN code for 3rd Time.
  • Click on "Request a new PIN"

  • Dont worry, You dont have to wait for the PIN code to be reached in your home. Once you have applied for a PIN code 3rd time, Go back to PIN code page and you will see a new link on the same page (i.e. PIN code page) saying;

  • Click on "click here" link from that page, this will link will ask you to submit your documents displaying your name and address as in your Google AdSense account. All you have to do is, click on that link then you will see a form, put your name, pub ID, upload your document and click on SUBMIT.
  • Once you have submitted your document, just wait for 2 minutes and go back to your AdSense account
  • You will see that, Google has removed your PIN hold. Now you can receive your payments from Google :)

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