Friday, 3 August 2012

Why To Choose WordPress For Blogging

WordPress The Best Blogging Platform

why to choose wordpress Why To Choose Wordpress For Blogging
Why WordPress
No doubt, WordPress is the best platform for blogging. WordPress is a free open source software with a large blogging community. It is the best platform specially for starter. The given is the point that will show why to choose wordpress for blogging.
1. No HTML Knowledge Required
WordPress has a built in editor that works similar to MS Word with fewer controls for less complexity. You may download Windows Live Writer and blog directly from your desktop. Live Writer can synchronize directly with your blog to show the post previews and options to schedule your blog posts.
2. Flexible Design
WordPress posts are design independent which allows you to change the design whenever you like without affecting the content.
3. Post Unlimited pages
You can make unlimited posts which are well-organized within the blog site as WordPress is database driven program. The database is very powerful and it is easy to upgrade your hosting to suit the WordPress installation of your site.
4. Free Themes
There are hundreds of free & premium WordPress themes to choose from customized to suit your niche. You can also get a custom-built a theme by hiring a web designer.
5. Search Engine Friendly
WordPress blogs are search engine friendly , hence your content is optimized for the search engines like Google . With frequent updates you get more security and plugins for SEO optimization.
6. Share
You can share your blog posts with your friends and customers through social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc by installing various plugins . Add bookmarks to site like Digg , Technorati, Netvibes , StumbleUpon etc.
7. Support From WordPress Community
WordPress. org functions as a very active bloggers community where you can ask questions related to your WordPress blog . You can get a lot of useful tutorial and help guides for any WordPress related problem. WordPress is the single largest CMS or Content Management System in use in the word wide web.
There some other points that are also considering that wordpress is the best blogging Platform, but the above is the major points.

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