Thursday, 1 March 2012

5 Reasons for Fresh Content

Have you ever thought about the Internet as a living and breathing entity with websites being the cells? Think about this: without websites that provide fresh new content, the Internet would slowly wither and die. Search engines are simply keeping the Internet pulse going by encouraging you to provide fresh new content and they reward you accordingly with an increase in rankings.
This post covers 5 reasons it is important to keep your website fresh, up-to-date and lively.

Fresh Content = Frequent Indexing = Happy You
This does not directly mean that simply posting new content all the time will shoot you to the top. But it does mean that the more fresh content on your website (think articles, new pages, videos, images, etc), the more your website will be crawled by the search engine spiders.  Simply put, search engines use web crawlers which scan a website and index it based on their secret algorithmic factors and will reward a website with regular fresh content.
For example, a site is indexed in part based upon a combination of the number of backlinks to  the site, the relevancy and kind of subject keywords used, and how often a site is updated by the owner.  Every time you make an update to your website, the search engine takes notice and re-arranges your site’s ranking.  Thus, if you want to increase the chances of your website getting a higher ranking, update the content frequently so that a search engine will reassess your position on its index. At the same time it increases your website for fresh content, it will be demoting a site that has become stagnant.
When Google Speaks…You Listen
We all know that the Google is the king of the mountain in the search engine world. When Google clearly expresses that it likes websites that are updated frequently, you should listen. But just how often is good? It is generally accepted that “frequently” means once a day to two or three times a week. As long as you update your website with quality content to ensure a great user experience, Google will generally reward you with and increase in rankings. Maybe not overnight, but over time you will see an increase.
Content, Keywords & Rankings
Each new blog post, article or page you create becomes an additional source of keywords with links to your website. Relevant keywords are one of the most important factor in the search engine algorithms. Without relevant keywords, how would the search engines know what your blog, article or website were about? Thus frequently adding new content with new relevant keywords allows you to attract new traffic to your website and rank very high in long tail keywords.

Fresh Content Is Like Water – The More Of It, The Higher Your Authority
The goal of many websites is to become the “authority” website in their niche. The most common method to becoming the authority website is to become the site with the most content.  Almost always, Google rewards this strategy. Thus, the more informative, relevant, up-to-date and quality content you can provide, the greater potential you have to become the “authority” website in your niche.
In addition, if you take a look at your competitors’ websites, you will quickly find that the authority sites in your industry have tens of thousands of pages indexed by Google, who also measures relevance by site saturation.  The more valuable content you publish, the better your chances of becoming an authority site.  
To add to this strategy, try to frequently publish industry news updates to become an authority site.  Each time you update your website with a news story, another page is created and indexed by Google.   
Keep Your Audience Informed and Updated
Another important piece in the algorithm is the Bounce Rate. The bounce rate tells you how many people go to your site and stay versus how many go and immediately leave. Nothing is worse than going to a website and finding old stale content. This kind of site will have a high bounce rate. You want a low bounce rate. The search engines reward you for having low bounce rates.
Therefore, it is important to provide your viewers with fresh, exciting and valuable content to keep them on your website clicking around and reading what you have to offer. By keeping your audience engaged, you develop long-term loyalty, which translates into returning traffic that adds tremendous value to your website. 
In summary, it should now be clear that in order to rank well in the search engines, one of the things you need to do is constantly provide fresh content. I recommend setting a goal of at least 2 or 3 blog posts a week or 2 or 3 new pages of content a week or something along those lines so that your website can continue to grow and flourish.

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