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Add Scrolling Text To Your Blog

add scrolling text to blog 300x193 Add Scrolling Text To Your Blog
Add Scrolling Text to your Blog Post
Hi guys! Welcome You all, once again with an interesting topic. Today I will show You that How you can add Scrolling text to your Blog with different affect. Hope you will enjoy to learn this tricks. I know you have seen this text before and want to add this affect to your blog. Let me share this trick, Ok see this example.
The First Text is:
Example no.1:
<marquee>This is the Code of Example no.1</marquee>
When you preview this line this will look like:
This is the Code of Example no.1
You have seen this example now add something more attractive affect to this text, in the second example we will only add background color.
Example no.2:
<marquee bgcolor=”#FFA500″>This is the code of example no.2</marquee>
Copy this code and preview it in your page, this will look like:
This is the code of example no.2
Now You will see that in the second examplebackround colour is change. You can choose your own background colour, if you are intrested then visit and see the colour chart.
Now in the Third example we will learn and change the direction of text, from right to left, left to right up and down.
Lets see what happen.
Example no.3
<marquee direction=”up” bgcolor=”#99CCFF”>This is the code of example no.3</marquee>
copy the above code when you will preview it in a page it will look like:
This is the code of example no.3
From down to up,
The only this that you have to change is to add “up, down, right, left” after the direction. Hope you will understand my point.
It is not enough let me share some other things.
Add affect that text stop when you point mouse cursor over it.
Example no.4
<span><marquee onmouseover=”this.stop()” onmouseout=”this.start()” scrollamount=”4″ bgcolor=”#ADFF2F”><br /><br />This is a text example no.4<br /><br /></marquee>
Copy the above code in to your blogger post and you will see like this.
This is a text example no.4
You can add different Scroll amount to this text, as in example no.4 I have added 4 amount.
Now I will add a link to this text, let see what happen.
<marquee behavior=”scroll” align=”middle” direction=”Right” bgcolor=”#FFD700″ scrollamount=”4″ onmouseover=”this.stop()” onmouseout=”this.start()”>
<a href=””>Enter To Learn</a> <a href=””>Show HTML Code In Blogger Post</a>
Copy the above text and paste it in your blog and you will see the preview like this.

Hope You will enjoy this interesting Text in blog, I know there will be a question in your mind that how to add this text in proper formate.
It is very easy, just go to sign in to your account, go to design and then page element after that add a gadget and select “HTML/Java script” from the list, so here you can add and apply this beautiful text to your blog, I have seen some blogger that they are using this text at the home page as a recent comments, or news etc. Hope you will understand this all easily.
Happy blogging, If you have a problem with this text then leave comment here I will help you.

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