Sunday, 11 March 2012

How Show HTML Code in Blogger

show html code in blogger 300x275 How Show HTML Code in Blogger

Show HTML code in blogger so that every one copied it
A lot of my friends is asking this question so that why I have decided to post this topic and share with every one.
This all procedure is done in two steps, First make a scroll box in your post and Second one is that encode your HTML code and paste here. How You can do this, here is a simple method save it with yourself. I know you will need this tricks some day.
First make a scroll box. Blogger has two option for posting one is html and second one is Compose. Run HTML mode, copy and paste the given code in to your post and then click on Compose mode, I mean come back to compose mode then you will see Scroll box.
<div style=”width: 380px; height: 390px; background-color: a0ffff; color: 000000; font-family: arial; font-size: 12px; text-align: left; border: 0px solid 00000; overflow: auto; padding: 4px;”></div>
Now copy the above html and paste it in to your page. After that You will see Scroll box, Now how you can post your HTML code, Copy your HTML code and go to , paste your code their and click on Encode, after that you will get new code. Now copy this new code and come back to blogger and paste this code in the scroll box. That’s it. You have done and now you will see your code.

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