Sunday, 26 August 2012

How to add Green Code Posting style to blogger.

Hi friends if you post HTML/javascript and other code you can add this below style in your code background .

Follow simple and easy step to adding this style effect in your code background.--->>>* First go to your blogger Dashboard.
* Now click in design tab and edit HTML.
* Click in small box to expand your blogger template.
* Now find this code </head> by BTRL+F key.
* Copy below code and paste before </head> 
<style id='page-skin-1' type='text/css'>code{background:url("") repeat scroll left top #FFF;
border:1px solid #9C6;display:block;font:100%/17px 'Courier New',Fixed,monospace;
margin:1em 0;overflow:auto;padding:0 20px 0 30px;text-align:left;}
* Now save your blogger template now.
* Now go to posting Tab and click in new post.
* When open new post box  and write your content when you want to post any code click in edit HTML as below image.
* And here you add encoded code by HTML encoder  between <code> And </code> as below image.
* Now you publish your post and you are done ok.

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