Saturday, 25 February 2012

Your Website And Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization or in short SEO is implemented to development or re- develop a Website so that it can naturally bring in more visitors by winning the top ranking on the most used search engine result pages. It is a systematic and unique method of promoting your online business. If you can not generate more traffic to your site then you will not be able to expand your business or topics online. Therefore to optimise your site to get higher ranking on the search engine result pages, organised and proper planning is must.

The prime goal of the SEO is to attract more organic visitors that are looking for your product or services. While doing Search Engine Optimization for your Website, first you need to determine how people search for your products or services. Usually when people are looking for something online they enter a keyword or phrase into the main page of search engine and they tend to visit those pages which appear to them first. These particular word phrases are known as keywords or keyword phrases. Since you know how people are searching, you can identify the keywords to optimize for on your website that will bring you in more business.
A close review of your website allows you to make sure you have developed the content significantly correlating closely with the keyword phrases you have identified. Write at least one page of useful content for each keyword set you have chosen with each page focusing only one or two key words.
As soon as you have found out the perfect keyword set, start your Search Engine Optimization with some simple but effective and coherent steps. Enable every page on your site with unique HTML title tag, Meta keywords tag, and Meta description tag. For HTML document structure follow W3C recommendations. Start your body page with the selected keyword phrases and repeat it through out your copy. Usually it is said that the keyword density must be 2%, however there are several different arguments about this. Make your keyword phrases more prominent by including them in the headers and make them bold, italic or put different colors.
Adding text navigation tools is another useful way to implement the Search Engine Optimization plan for your site by using the selected keyword phrases as the links. Other than text navigation, you can include footer on every page with text link. Develop a text site map and link it to every page of your site. If there are more than one keyword phrase, organise them according to their importance. The most important pages of your site should be linked from other pages and the other pages should be linked from the section header and site map.
Submit your site to the major directories such as the open directory and the yahoo directory which will allow you to establish the site, then by submitting to other web directories, you will build link popularity. The next step it to start with your link building campaign.

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