Saturday, 25 February 2012

Some Common SEO Link Building Mistakes

Link building has grown significantly in importance in Search Engine Optimization. You can trade links, as well as purchase and sell them, though it is not something you openly do, and in many cases, if found out you can get your website removed. So, it’s vital that you build the proper links as well as choose the right ones, because it can get expensive, and you want only links that will benefit your website. An SEO Consultant will be able to find the right links that need to be put on your website.

As link exchanges are still considered white hat techniques, you can exchange links with other websites. You can also purchase a back link from a webmaster, however, make sure that it’s a relevant link that you will benefit from. It becomes very costly if you don’t purchase from a trusted webmaster, or your link either disappears or opens as a „no follow” attribute. It’s important to always follow up on your back links and make sure that they are up and running, especially if you paid for them.
Another important part of a back link is the anchor text. This is the text that you click on that takes you to your website. It’s important that the anchor text has keywords, and not something random or along the lines of „Click Me”. If there are no keywords, then it’s a pointless back link. There are different tools out there that can help you with this as it will take a while to review, look for back link anchor text analyzers.
As web crawlers cannot read much of anything except text, it’s not good to have a back link that its link is an image. Even if the image is very nice looking, and people do click on it, it’s not good SEO as web crawlers cannot read it, therefore, it cannot be applied to your ranking. If it must have a keyword in it, then you can consult with them to add some text along with the link so web crawlers can see it.
As it’s important to have many back links, having back links from irrelevant websites will do you absolutely no good. Many irrelevant websites that you can purchase back links from usually have hundreds of links on their pages, but have nothing in common. The only website that you can comfortably get back links from that has many website links is a directory, however, you must be careful with this as well, make sure that it’s a trusted directory.
As mentioned above, some websites can have many links on the same webpage that your link is. For good SEO that isn’t going to benefit much. The less links there are on a web page, the better, as this will make your website look more important. When back linking from a directory you can check if there are paid links for that directory and pay the charge. This is because many of the links in directories actually come back with a „no follow” attribute unless they are paid, which will make your link look more important amongst the many that don’t work.
Lastly, and of course, probably one of the most important, is what is called bad neighbors. These are links that have bad reputation. You need to be very careful with choosing your links as you can get penalized for having a bad neighbor. So it’s always important to check all the links you are going to be associated with before linking to them or back linking from them. There are also cases where a good link turns bad, where it starts to use black hat methods, or posts porn or other inappropriate things that can affect your ranking. So once you’ve gotten a link, check them every once in a while just in case they have changed their ways.
Overall, it’s very important that you have good and reliable back links to your website for Search Engine Optimization. If you hire an SEO Consultant to set up the back links for you it would be best as most likely they have much better relationships with different websites due to their experience. Make sure that you review your links regularly to make sure that they are all good neighbors and will help your website go up in rank.

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