Thursday, 28 November 2013

How to Use Word 2007 as a Tool for Blogging ?

Microsoft Word has always been a great tool for writing documents. Microsoft Word 2007 is no exception. A new and superb feature has been added to Microsoft Word 2007. In addition to all the useful features which it shares with the previous versions of Microsoft

Word, this new feature allows you to use Word 2007 as a tool for blogging. You can easily post something to your personal blog through Word 2007. It provides you with the opportunity to write as many words as you like for your blog. You can also write very short posts if you want.

 Follow these simple steps in order to use Word 2007 as a tool for blogging: 

Open a blank Word document and click on the Office button.

Click on New and select New blog post.
A new ribbon displaying the blogging tools will appear. Click on the button of Manage Accounts.
Click on New as the next dialog box appears.
The following dialog box will appear:
You will have to choose the platform you use for blogging from the list e.g. WordPress and click on the Next button. 

Fill in the information for your website and decide whether you want it to remember the password or not. You can also see the Picture Options button as Word 2007 is capable of uploading images to some blogging platforms. 

You can start writing for your blog right away. 
After finishing writing, click on Publish and select how you want to publish it. You can also open an older post in Word 2007 by clicking on the Open Existing button. 

As you use Word 2007 as a tool for blogging, you will be able to add categories to the blog posts, and Word 2007 will immediately connect to the blogging platform you use and download the listing of categories. 

If you like to use Word for writing your documents, you now have the option to use it for writing posts for your personal blogs. It has now become an incredible post editor as you can use Word 2007 as a tool for blogging.

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