Sunday, 25 May 2014

How to Add and Arrange our Favorites Videos in YouTube Account?

YouTube is useful Service which offers us to watch all types of videos online. We can create our account on YouTube and then share our video, add and arrange our favorite videos and also creating playlists.
If we like any videos on YouTube we can add into our account Favorite videos list and then arranges them for the use of public or watch it later.
After reading this article we will add and arrange videos which we like. To do this we have to follow some steps which are as under.

Add Videos as Favorites:

  Navigate to YouTube first by type in any browser.
         Open the video which we want to add in list of Favorites.
       Open the video       
·        When our selected video will open, then hit the button of Like beneath the video frame.
        beneath the video frame       
·        Scroll the page and reach to bottom of the video and look for the tab named as Add to.
        bottom of the video
        After clicking, a small pane will appear. Hit the option of Favorite Videos, video will automatically add in Favorites list.
       option of Favorite Videos
        Arrange Favorite Videos:
·        Sign in to our YouTube account first.
       Arrange Favorite Videos
·        Open the video and click on the Add to button
Add to button
         Click on the Favorites (heart) icon and then Hit Favorite (Public) option and the video will be added to our favorites list.
       added to our favorites list          
In the next step we have to check our new Favorite list.
         new Favorite list

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