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5 Tips: Every Blogger’s Should Remeber

Improve Blogging Skill

images 5 Tips: Every Bloggers Should Remeber
5 Best Tips for blogging
As a blogger we should remember some points. I am sharing 5 Tips  that can improve your blogging skill. There may not be specific rules that everybody can use to become the best blogger or to create the best blog. Bear in mind that blogs are created by different people for all sort of different reasons. Not any Tom, Dick or Harry can create a blog hastily and expect everybody to love it.
That is an important point to remember; do not create your blog hastily. Have a reason, have an aim and do some proper planning. Understand what you are trying to achieve out of your blog. Though, I do believe that there are several basic things that you could do to improve your blog.
Keeping in mind the importance of SEO I am going to share 5 Tips Every Blogger’s Should Remember.

1. Your Content is the King

Yes, I’ll bet you hear this one before. But don’t misjudge the phrase. Though content are important, it doesn’t mean you have to fill up your blogs with every piece of information that you can find. Start with putting your potential reader in mind. Why do you think your reader come to your blog in the first place? Make your content simple, concise and straight to the point. Give the reader what they want but make it short and simple to read.
Do add some pictures that are related to your content to further illustrate your points, as well as make your content interesting enough to be read till the end.

2. You Could Be A Rockstar

Not specifically, by the way. But have a character. Readers may come and go but they will come back a lot more if they are able to relate to the personality behind the blog. However, it doesn’t mean you have to expose your identity fully for the world to see.
It just simply means that you can create a character based on your blog. If your blog is focused on travel, try thinking like the guy on Lonely Planet. If your blog is focused on computer, write like a geek. There are those who preach about staying true to your self. It’s not wrong but not entirely correct either. Being a meek and quiet person doesn’t mean you can’t deliver a fantastic outgoing blog. Stay true yet have fun with your blog!

3. Look Good, Look Awesome

Do design your blog properly. It is quite a waste of time if you have such great content but the readers can’t actually read your content comfortably. They won’t stay around if it is hard to navigate your blog.
Choosing a design might be tricky to some. But let’s focus on one point first. Your blog should be easy to read. Choose a familiar font and a clear background. Though, you might reconsider other option if your blog are artistic and you think darker colors complement your blog’s character. Still, consider again your reader. Will they be able to read your blog comfortably?
As for colors and other designs, this would depend on your blog’s theme. I believe being simple yet relatable is good. Too many images will make your blog harder to load and frankly not many have the patience to wait.

4. Become A Social Bee

This means you should interact with other people. Reply back to those visitors who leave comments on your blogs. This will build a rapport between the two of you. And it also shows other readers that you actually have a personality.
Joining a community that relates to your blog is also another plus point. Get others with the same interest to visit your blog.
And again think of your readers. When you write imagine that you are talking to them personally. If there are twenty people in front of you, how do you talk to them? What would you say?

5. Learn from the Leader

Now, this is one advice that many seems to ignore. You can spend time or even money to create a blog but if it doesn’t have the special ingredients nobody will give your blog a second look. So learn from the best.
Do you know the best blogger in your genre? If you’re creating a blog about food, search on the best food blog. How does that blogger present the food and beverages on his/her blog? You can get some pointers from there and apply them on your own blog, combining with your own unique personality. Another example would be my own web hosting blog, where I apply designing and blogging tips which I have learned from the other web hosting related blogs.
Is still some Tips there?

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