Saturday, 1 September 2012

Get adsense approve account in two days read now.

Many blogger apply for apply google adsense but google does not approve their adsense account because they have not their domain name. Here we will talk about how can get adsense approve account in only two days without buying any domain.
New blogger apply adsense account because he want to earn some money by their blog with his adsense account , when visiter click their blog ads blog owner earn some money by adsense account.
Now follow simple step to get your adsense account without your domain name in two days .
* First go to on and search domain to register your domain free.
* Sign up with your domain name if you have not an account in
*Add  Dns record on your domain profile
Follow simple images Guides now..........
* search domain name as below image
*Manage Domain as below image..
* click on setup as below image...
*Set up your domain name as below image....
* set up domain name on your blog as image below....
*Add domain on your blog as below.
* Switch advanced setting to add your domain as below.
*Add your domain as below image.
* Now redirect your blog with your domain name.
* Now your done after posting five post on blogger you can apply for adsense and enjoy with your blog and earn money by your blog.
Note- Add your domain on blogger after 48 hours when you registered domain name

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