Sunday, 11 March 2012

Add Meta Tag to blogger

The very important section of SEO is meta tag. Today I will share with you that how you can add a nice and SEO friendly meta tag and description to your blog. First of all I will tell you that meta tag is a tag which describe our web pages. It Provide the basic information that how create the page, when it was updates, what this page is about. This is the short keyword and description of our whole blog or website.
How Meta Tag work? It provide basic information to search engine to index our pages and post, It also help to categorized our content by search engine. Google is not completely depend upon meta tag but Bing and Yahoo is still using meta tag. we can create different types of meta tag, but the most Important meta tag is key word and description which is often index by search engine. How we can generate SEO friendly meta tag? Now follow the step by step procedure to do this all. Mostly meta tag in blogger is placed at the very top of the page. but you can placed it as here.
Your meta Tag Here
Now we will generate our own meta tag for our blog in our own words. Lets start and see.
Mostly we can make meta tag in two format as shown below.
<meta name=”name” content=”content”/>
<meta content=’content‘ name=’name’/>
Go to your blogger dashboard, then design and after that click on Edit html. Now find is at the top of the HTML code. If you can’t find it, the press Ctrl+F with keyboard and paste here. After that you will see your meta name, meta keyword and meta description here, if not then modify the below meta tag and paste there.
Now I am going to placed my meta tag, see it and modify it with your own words.
<meta content=’Enter To Learn‘ name=’Author’/>
<meta content=’enter to learn, blog tips, tricks, Blog templates, designs, widgets, JavaScript, HTML codes, AdSense, gadgets, classifieds websites, online jobs ‘ name=’description’/>
<meta content=’blogspot, blog, blogger tips and tricks, template, widget, layout, HTML codes, javascript, seo, SEO, google adsense, gadget, monetize, blogger, classified websites, free online earning, home jobs, free domain‘ name=’keywords’/>
That’s all. Now replace the Bold words with your own words and paste it below the <head> section.
See this image if you are confuse and make a fantastic meta tag for your blog. Add Meta Tag to blogger
When you create your meta tag then Click here to analyze your meta tag, Fill out the form and see about your blog that how useful is your blog meta tag and how further modification it needs.

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