Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Best Solution to improve your pagerank fastly

If you have read all my SEO posts you would have understood what Search engine optimization really is and the importance of Link building. And i know lot of people struggle on building links to achieve a better rankings. What i noticed is, some of the webmasters who work hard all day and night finally end up with nothing at all. The reason is they want to work hard to improve their ranking but they follow the wrong guide.

You may wonder, what are those wrong guides?. There are several mistakes webmasters follow and practice in order to improve their Page Rank but as this post is not relevant to the topic we shall not discuss all here but specify the main mistake that is assocciated to link building strategy that Google reckons bad and it is Link Exchange; Link exchange is good and a link in to your blog/site can improve your blog/site ranking; True, but have you also noticed Google for instance recruiting thousands of Phds' and Masters' to build a better ranking system and i also remember reading a lot of articles pointing out that link exchanges can get you into trouble and sometime the link in/out that you make with an irrelevant category blog/site can value nothing at all but rather bold out your rankings. So avoid much link exchanges as you can and try to gain a one way link back. If your blog/site is having a larger external links (links pointing out from your blog/site) than the internal links (links pointing in to your blog/site from other blog/sites) your blog/site may be in a situation like a person trying get off from drowning. The reasons may be several but one important instance is Bad Neighborhood.

So what i am really trying to say here is avoid much outbound links as you can, but you should also make sure you have made some external links to quality blogs/sites and search engines really likes this. So you may be wondering how can i get a one way link to your blog/site the answer is simple, work on it by submitting your blog/site to directories, post comments on blog, preferably to blog with CommentLuv and KeywordLuv plugin enabled, forums, article submission, press release and other one way link building strategies.

So if you really want to build one way link and improve your page rank within a shorter span of time, start working to generate one way link towards your blog/site now.
Try working on these sites/blogs and you will be surprised when your next page rank arrives and the visitors you will be receiving through search engines would be massive compared to before. If you can work to get 10 link back a day from the mentioned list in a month you get 300 inlinks, so if the next page rank is after 4 months, how many inbound links would you get ???. Amazing huh. So whats more amazing is on what i am going to provide you with. How will you like if their is a software with more than 1000 directories and it does all your work for you and the only thing you have to do is just enter your basics informations regarding your blog/site at the very first time and submit to many directories just by entering the verification code and submit you go and most importantly you get this application totally free :). I personally use this and i try submitting to 30 directories a day. So download this software now "SliQ Submitter".

We will be posting a list of Do follow blogs with CommentLuv and KeywordLuv Plugin enabled blogs so feel free to subscribe with us and learn more on how you can improve your blog rankings and learn your self to be a professional blogger.

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