Thursday, 1 March 2012

It's all about the title…The YouTube title that is…

You’ve created the most awesome video the world has ever seen: the best visual effects, the most hilarious dialogue and the hottest thing since…but wait, nobody is viewing it because nobody is finding it.

Have you considered the title of your video? Just like keyword optimization for a website, you need to optimize your YouTube title.  In order to optimize the title, you should start with a tool such as Google Adwords keyword tool to find which words are best for your title. (

Imagine we have a great video of making potato chips. You want to use this tool to decide which keywords you want to optimize for.

From the information you gathered from the keyword tool, you need to decide on a title.  Next, use the YouTube suggested search to help you see the popular searches currently on YouTube. I also suggest that you check out a few of these searches to make sure your video fits into that category.

After researching ideas from the keyword tool, using YouTube suggest and looking at a few popular videos in your target niche, it’s time to write that awesome title.  Of course there is no exact science to this, but with practice you will hone your technique. And remember, you can always edit your YouTube title; it is not permanent.

A real world example

Make Homemade Potato Chips – Recipe and Video Guide by Laura’s Baking
The first part of the title uses high volume keywords as well as some variation on suggested search in YouTube. The second part of this title gives the reader a sense of value before clicking. They already know that you will show them the recipe as well as the walkthrough of how to make the chips. The third part is a push towards branding. This is more of a personal preference and may or may not affect anything. If your video has an introduction that brands you, you may consider leaving this out.

The methods listed above are a way to help get your videos ranking higher in the search engines so that they can be a useful marketing tool.

Additional tips   

The file name of the video prior to uploading should be named something relevant. In this example, the video could be called homemade-potato-chips.mpg; instead of video1.mpg. In addition, be sure to use the keywords you found in the video description and in the tags for the video.

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