Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Keywords Design For Your SEO

Keywords are the most important and frequently used method of bringing more traffic to a website. To implement certain Search Engine Optimisation, in short SEO, keywords have an important role, though keywords are a small portion of overall SEO plan.
Keyword research is essential to identify how your prospective customers are using the search engines and to find the information or products they want. To get the best results by SEO, you need to put these words or phrases on your site with ensuring that these words are relevant for your target customers.

At the very beginning when webmasters and content providers started site optimisation they realised that this process will be the future’s most important online marketing tool, keywords were stuffed and hidden all over a website as a trick to get higher rank on search engine result pages. But now these tricks were revealed and you need to use your keywords openly and clearly.
Search engines algorithm indexes a site based on the keyword. Therefore, in order to optimise your site and to bring more traffic to your site you must use the keywords properly. This will ensure that the customer hits the right keyword instantly and can reach your web page quickly.
Placements of the keywords are generally a tactful action. Generally it can be added with Meta tags in your HTML code. It may not be the essential technique but still important.
Placement of keywords depends on what type of web page you are developing. In case of web 2.0 properties like Squidoo lens, Hub Page or Google Knol, then it better to have a keyword with the registered URL, in the titles, subtitles and text content of your site, and also there may be other tagging space available to fill in. For blogpost it is better to have the keywords in URL, but at the same time it is essential to make sure that your blog templates are added with this strategy. You can set you preferences under settings and then permalinks.
Putting keywords on the title tags located at top right of your documents in the head tag will allow your text to be shown on search engine result like a headline. Keywords that can relate human will improve the chances of bringing more traffic to your website. Link all the pages on your website with exact same keyword. Better to use more keywords to link a specific page.
Mention the keywords once or twice throughout your articles. Use bold option and different colors for the most important key words and you can place them at the top of your article and in the sub headings. Do not stuff your page with meaningless words.
SEO experts disagree about the density of keywords required on your website. According to some experts it should be maximum 2% and others vow for as high as 10%. Since there is no specification, you need to write same for both organic visitors and search engines algorithm. Keywords should be enough but not more which will make your content boring and the visitors will turn off.

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