Sunday, 11 March 2012

How to get free domain and web hosting

Hi guys, Hope you will all enjoying internet browsing and want to learn something new and interested. Free online tips is working hard to post the best tips and share these all tips with the internet users. As we know paid domain and web host is very expensive and a lot of people can’t afford it, Look at my blog I am also using free domain and hosting service. Let me share my expericence with all of you.
There are many free domain provider websites such as, and but personally I will recommend domain, I am also using this free service and it is absolutely free, no cost and no ads. The other free domain is also good but now a days has banned and is not indexing by Google Search Engine. According my experience is the best domain which is also SEO friendly.
Now lets discuss about the free web hosting service, as like free domain service there are many free web host provider company but the best one is 000webhost, which is providing:
Disk space: 1500 MB
Data Transfer: 100GB/month
Add-on-Domain: 05
Sub Domain 05
Email Addresses: 05
MySQL Database: 02
Control Panel: Custom Panel
FTP Account: 01
Cron Jobs: Yes
Web mail: Yes
Password protected directories: Yes
So looking the above information at a glance then offcourse 000webhost will be your first choice.
Besides this all you can also map you free domain with blogger to, If you have a blogger I mean then you can map and set this domain with your, to see how to map Free domain with blog just see my other post Using domain in Blogger.
But if you want to make a new site with 000webhost and then read this article fully at the end. So Lets start making a free website.
01) First of all go to and enter your desirable domain which you want to registered and enter the information as given in the picture.
 How to get free domain and web hostingServer name 1:
server name 2:
or you can modify it after sign in to your account and modify it like this: How to get free domain and web hosting
Now enter the captcha code and now you are done.
Now you have to make free web hosting account, to create free web hosting account with 000webhost click here and in the welcome screen you will see two option “Free and Premium” but you have to order the Free one. Clink on Order and you will see the given screen.
 How to get free domain and web hostingNow enter all of you information, user name, password, email and the captcha code and check the I agree to terms or service and click on “Create my account”.
Now you will be forwarded to you account and this will be active in 24 hours by administrator. One your account is fully functioned and approved then sign in to your account and go to cpanel and there you will see so many folder and files, but have to click on the first one ” View Account Detail”, and see their all of your information and you will see also your ” name server” detail. now go to your account and clink on your domain, then modify and then select ” Use custom DNS Service” and enter your information:
Name server 1:
Name server 2:
and the IP adresses will be automatically down to n/a just see the picture: How to get free domain and web hosting
Now click on the next, this changes will take about 30 mint be patient and enjoy the free browsing experience and share you thoughts freely with the world. now you are done, Hope you will find this, give us your kind comments.


kiely piers said...

Rather than going for free web hosting I would like to suggest you that to go for Paid Web Hosting for best security and freedom of designing.

Blogger said...

Bluehost is definitely one of the best hosting provider for any hosting services you require.

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