Monday, 23 April 2012

What is Google AdSense Premium Account and How to Get One ?

We all can create an adsense account easily but do you know there is another kind of AdSense account which only few number of people can create ? That is Google AdSense premium account. Normal Google AdSense publishers have limited features however Google AdSense premium publishers have much more features and ad inventory. Premium publishers are paid much higher than normal users for same number of clicks on same niche.

What is Google AdSense Premium Account ?

Google AdSense premium account is an upgraded from of Google AdSense where publishers are allowed to create customize ads. Not only this but publishers can also place more than three ads on the same page. Another interesting thing in Google AdSense premium is, you will get ads even on a adult-content page where normal publishers get PSA ads. is having a premium AdSense account and they are getting enough ads on adult contents.

There are many other benefits of Google AdSense premium such as;
  • Large number of ad formats (you can create your own as well)
  • Display as many ads as you want on a page
  • You can change or customize "Ads by Google" branding.
  • High click rate - Customized revenue terms
  • Premium Support - Dedicated Adsense Account Manager
  • Premium ads on your site
  • Dedicated login page for premium Adsense publishers i.e.

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