Wednesday, 18 July 2012

5 Best Greasemonkey Scripts for YouTube

Greasemonkey scripts let you improve your web experience by adding additional functionalities for any kind of website. And our favorite video site, YouTube is not an exception. In total, hundreds of YouTube scripts are available but there are some, which every video lover should install like the script to search only high quality 720 pixels videos. And now, since Google Chrome supports Greasemonkey scripts, it is my responsibility to publish some of the best scripts so that even Chrome lovers will have the benefit of better and additional YouTube features.
Lets look at best five greasemonkey scripts that every youtube lover should have for total awesomeness:
1. Completely Enhance Video Watching Experience
The Best in all available scripts is the YouTube enhancer script, which actually does justice to its name i.e. enhances the viewing experience by providing all functionalities like playback control, video resizing, quality enhancement, rollover preview, downloading and much more.
Youtube enhancer controls
Youtube enhancer resize video options
This is a single package for the ultimate cinema experience. You can have custom start and end for your favorite scenes, and even put them in repeat loop. It’s a must try for Gtricks readers.
2. Download YouTube Videos in Different Formats

Keep-Tube is by far, the most downloaded/installed Greasemonkey script for YouTube. This script lets users download YouTube videos in High Definition (HD), High Quality (HQ), MP4, 3GP, and FLV formats.
This script also claims to work with other popular video sharing websites like Dailymotion, Magavideo, Google Videos, Vimeo, Metacafe, Myspace, Facebook and others. They also claim to provide more downloading options than other video downloaders.
Once installed, you can find the download link near the video title or at rightmost end of page.
3. Watch Videos Directly without Opening a New Page
What happens when someone posts a video link from YouTube on a forum or some social networking site? We need to click it to view it. However, in the process, we lose our actual page and migrate to new page. In such conditions, Videoembed comes to good use.
This script automatically adds videos to the links so that when you click on link, they show up and start playing without navigating to the new page. Hence saving you both, time and clicks. And this contributes to better user experience.
For example, try searching “Russell Peter” after installing this script. In the search results, along with websites, you will find some YouTube videos. Because of videoembed script, you can see ‘plus’ icon next to the title of the video. Click on the icon to watch video within the search page. Its better to watch these videos in search page than opening them in different pages.
4. Watch YouTube Video Songs with Lyrics
Video Song With Lyrics
YouTube Lyrics script adds a custom box next to video song in the sidebar to display lyrics. This script searches 11 different lyrics sites before presenting you most relevant lyrics and even you can select lyrics site from the drop down menu.
5. Always Watch YouTube Videos in Highest Quality (HQ/HD)
YouTube HD Ultimate script will automatically load the highest quality of video without refreshing the whole page. The High Quality (HQ) or High Definition (HD) version of the video will be loaded depending on the availability. But it ensures that you watch only high quality 720p videos.
The script is fast and simple to customize. It also provides other features like hiding annotations, removing in-video ads, downloading and keyboard shortcuts.
Bonus Tip: Remove Chrome (In-Video) Ads
If you are annoyed by Chrome or in-video ads that start before YouTube videos, then this script can help you. As the name suggests, YouTube Auto Buffer & Auto HD & Remove Ads script removes ads and also buffers the video without auto-playing so that you don’t have to pause a video as soon as it loads for buffering.

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