Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Best Ways to Replay YouTube Videos Automatically in a Loop [Repeat Infinitely]

Unfortunately, we do not have an automatic replay button in YouTube to keep video/song repeat in a never ending loop. Every time we have to manually click on that small replay button at the top of the video, which is both inconvenient and uncomfortable. The old trick of appending &loop=1 parameter was the easiest method and worked on all the internet browsers but lately it does not work anymore with the new revamped YouTube.
Let us look at some of the best ways to automatically replay YouTube videos in an infinite loop –
Chrome Extension – Auto Replay for YouTube
Chrome extension to replay youtube videos
This extension adds a checkbox at the bottom of videos, which lets you watch infinitely once you enable it. It also provides options to input the starting and ending seconds between which the video will be replayed. These input boxes also support keyboard shortcuts. Up and down arrows, increase and decrease the values by 1 second whereas pressing shift button along with arrow keys will change values by 5 seconds. Shift+Enter will take the current time of the video as starting point for next play.
Firefox Addon – YouTube Auto Replay
firefox addon for youtube replay
This Firefox add-on does the similar job except with better interface. Choose your starting and ending time or loop the entire video. Simple!
For IE or other browsers – Direct Websites
Sites like yourepeat, tubeencore, tubereplay and youtuberepeater lets you replay videos in any internet browser. All you have to do is replace the youtube word in the URL of the video with any of these sites.
repeater websites
These websites are almost similar with few different features like –
Tubeencore offers a slider from where you can adjust repeat duration and a download link at the bottom of the player.
Tubereplay offers you clean and distraction free UI though other features are not available. In addition, it provides a bookmarklet, which you can directly click while watching YouTube video to replace URL on the fly.
Youtuberepeater offers same functionality with precise position marking capability.
Use any of these methods to enjoy your favourite videos distraction free. If you have more ideas, tell us in our comments.

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