Friday, 3 August 2012

How To Earn Money With Youtube

how to make money on youtube 300x157 How To Earn Money With YoutubeEarn money with Youtube
A lot of my friends ask me that how I can earn money from Youtube so today I have decided to share this information with all the net users.
This is true, You can earn money from Youtube. Basically there are to way that allow you to earn money from Youtube .
  1. The first one is easy and simple. First of all create account in Youtube. Upload short duration videos and get sponsors for it. After getting sponsor Google will generate advertise on your uploaded videos, when some one will see and view your video, you will get income, You will get 25$ if approximate 1000 people see and view your video. but but but……….
This service is only available for American and Canadian citizen. Unfortunately this is not active for all
over the world. But Google is working fast and continuous to launched this program through out the world. We hope this service will start very soon in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and across the Asia and other European country.
2. The second way is also very simple but you can take two advantages from this method.
  • By Advertising your Product
  • and Generating traffic for your site or blog
This is very simple and easy. First of all upload your video and upload advertise with your video and attach with it. This will absolutely look like the news channel running news text on it screen.So in this way million of people will see your ads along with your uploaded video. You can upload songs, movies, funny clips, dramas, dance, and other media clips to attract more and more viewer and earn handsome income with out spending a single penny.
Note that you can upload 2GB data to your Youtube account and you can make so many account.
So in this way thousand of people will see your video and ads, earn money and generate traffic to your site and blog. hope you will find this articles useful. Happy earning…….
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