Thursday, 28 November 2013

How to Change PowerPoint 2007 Slide Layout ?

A slide layout includes everything related to a particular slide such as the placement of the contents on a particular slide as well as the contents themselves.
A slide layout consists of placeholders for tables, shapes, clip art, bulleted lists, items etc. You can customize as well as change PowerPoint 2007 slide layout according to your own needs. It is very easy to change PowerPoint 2007 slide layout. Follow these simple steps in order to change PowerPoint 2007 slide layout:

Open PowerPoint 2007.

Now you have to add a slide with a layout of your choice. Normally we don't want to change the layout of the title slide. So we will change PowerPoint 2007 slide layout of the one right after the title slide. Choose the "Home" tab and click on arrow under the "New Slide" button. 

You will see a sub-menu with many pictures showing how the different slide layouts will look like. Choose one of these slide layouts and click on it. 

This is what your slide will look like after you change the slide layout to "Two Content" for example. Notice that we did not apply the slide layout to the first slide which is the title slide. 

As you select from one of the available slide layouts, you should keep your template and theme in mind. The available Office themes include Picture with Caption, Content with Caption, Blank, Title Only, Comparison, Two Content, Section Header, Title and Content and the Title Slide. You should always choose the layout which suits your presentation. It is possible to change the layout very easily afterwards. However, you will save yourself from this hassle if you select the right slide layout as you create the presentation slides.

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