Thursday, 28 November 2013

How to Insert Online Video in Word Document 2013?

This utmost feature firstly used in MS Word 2013. This function allows the user to insert on-line video in their documents.
Word is a platform which holds up the structure of Bing Videos, Video Embedded code and also YouTube video searches that can easily be inserted in text containing Word document.

In this article we will learn how to add video that might be useful but looks pretty cool in document.
Insert On-Line video:
· Open Microsoft Word first.
 · On Ribbon click Insert tab.
· Select On-Line Video option.
  Insert Video dialogue box will open
· User can search videos from >Bing Video Search or From Video Embedded option.
· But if you want to search from YouTube >Tap YouTube button from left side of box.
· YouTube option is added with Bing and Embedded code videos
· Once added, now you will be able to search video related to topic which written in the search bar.
· Select desired video> Hit Insert button. 

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